Friday, 11 May 2012

Mothers Day!


Happy Mothers day! It is just around the corner. I'm not sure whether we as muslim can celebrate it but for me is like a day we officially we dedicate a day for our mom!

This week i felt so much when my mum is away.  I need her the most at this moment.  When she is away, i know how much i need her, how much i depend on her, how much i had take her for granted.  Sorry ma.

The house felt so empty when she is not around.  So so empty, feel so so empty.  When she is not around, i will make my self busy, tired and occupied. 

But when she is around, we cant along much. Often a discussion ended up with tears.  Either mine or hers.  Phewww.

This is pic of my mum with Hana.

Sorry ma.  Please come back fast.

I miss you so much!  Hana miss you too. 


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