Friday, 11 May 2012



Its about the new Ipad.  Its the third generation or called The New Ipad or Ipad 3.  Its been waited since the Ipad 2 launched! Off course , people are hunger for Apple's new product.

My husband bought it as my Hana Marisa's 3rd birthday present!!!! I totally againts it.  However, i only knew it after it been bought. 

My Hana Marisa was so happy.  All her cousin have one. So, she wont be "jakun" when she is with them. Mode: Sedapkan hati ;).

On the other, to utilize or maximize Ipad usage by my dearie, i googled and googled and finally found this information on Islamic Parenting and i suscribe to their new updates.  Alhamdulillah, on 4th May 2012 i receive an email from them informing how to screen our kids from various sites in net. And the good things is they shared few URLs which is good.  The list is as follows:

1- Al-quran utk kanak2

2- Membaca Iqra'

3- Membaca Bahasa Inggeris dan vocab

4- Belajar Bahasa Arab

Alhamdulillah, i had tested few with Hana.  And she like it. However, as usual the animated games attract her more than the above link. Watch this video of Hana playing with her IPAD.

Trust me those above links are good and its good to expose our kids to them.  We as parents have all the right to educate them, choose what they should watch and guide them.  Some of the parents, let the kids play and get access to internet freely.  The kids are exposed to so much of bad things.  Please guide them.  The kids need the parents.  Who else will guide them if not us the parents.

Suddently become so emotional about our kids nowadaya.  Some of the kids nowadays, their day is filled with Ipad.  You can see it at family gathering, dinners etc.  The kids in their own world.  Nothing else matters. 

They dont know how to social with others, especially with elder people.  They are not running around, they are not playing hide n seek (i enjoy it so much when i was kid), they are just sitting on chair and moving their tiny fingers! They are not sweating! They are not healthy.

One of the way to make sure Hana is not obsessed with IPAd is hide it. Then tell her IPAD need to sleep. Or else she wont stop playing with IPAd.  And i need so much of patient to explain to her. As usual why...why...why....

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