Thursday, 10 May 2012

How IT changed my life!!

Salam...hope everyone is in best of health.

Todays post is about how IT had changed my life!!

Honestly i started to depend on IT (PC, emails, chats) because of my love life! Yes, you are correct. I have to be connected to be with my boyfriend (now husband) hehehhehe.

I mean, we had long distance relationship. He studied at States while i was here in Malaysia. Obviously,  those days i can't use phone as the cost is so so expensive.

We have been communicationg through Yahoo Messenger for almost 10 years! Wow! Time really flies!
Some of the communication that i had save...hehhehehe.Sorry, its blurry but hope you can see the dates. Some were from 2003 ;)

As you was those years emails.....e-greeting precious moments....its my LIFE!

Above is proof of IT had contributed to my life.

Now, i'm married with him. Almost 4th year n blessed with our little pricess Hana Marisa.

On our wedding day with my friend's who contributed a lot during my hard days ( u know its hard to maintain long distance relationship).  Thank you Syeda, Iza, Ibu ( Syeda's mother) and Ila (Syeda's sister)

Alhamdulillah....from two...we become three.....Hana Marisa, Ma love you so so much sayang....

Us on Hana Marisa's 3rd Birthday!
 With lots of love!

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